As its name, this tool helps to check every link that provided by the engineer. Currently, link checker having 2 main functionalities:

  • Broken Link Check
  • Https Violation Check
  • It allows us to continuously check and detect every pre-identified pages when there is a broken link.
  • It can be scheduled run with a long list of links.
  • It can be manually triggered when needed, especially when we had done certain feature changes/development.
  • Precisely pin-pointing which part of the code is having https violation, make the HTTPS migration project easier.

How it works?

Sample Daily Summary?

Sample Report

During the development of Link Checker, we had collected the updated coverage of our existing application, with this coverage plus the framework we had developed, in future we could evolve and enhance it with new features like:

  • Page linkage scanner and generator.
  • Page SEO analyzer.
  • Single page performance analyzer. And many others more.